Welcome to Mrs. LaChach's World!

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Ya-ta-hey!!! Hello!

Thank yo for visiting my blog! I am actually very new to this so here I go! My name is Mrs. LaChach, I am a very busy Native Boss Babe. Who loves fashion and beauty products. I am Half Navajo and Half African American. I am a wife of a Professional Calf Roper and mother of three horses, calves, chickens, two cats, and two dogs. We do not have kids yet......but the following fur/feather babies are good enough for now! I grew up on the Navajo Reservation located in Northern Arizona. I currently live in Conroe, Texas. Between designing clothes and calling my manufacture team about new product ideas I love to just be around my family or ride horses.

My husband and I's lifestyle is RODEO........yes! So I am always trying to create new looks and new beauty products. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagined writing a blog......however I believe it is time for the world to see what actually goes on in Mrs. LaChach's world. I hope you can keep up because you will soon see how I manage multiple businesses (day job), my own businesses, eating, being a wife and trying to find time with my family and friends. It will be a wild ride but I hope you can enjoy it from the outside. Because this driving seat of mine is a tough one to hold. 

I plan to show you all new product and give you more insight of who Mrs. LaChach really is. If you have any questions please......please do not hesitate to email me. I am sure you will love my Ah-Shi Beauty Product!!!!

May you walk in Beauty. Hozho! (Many Blessings)


Mrs. LaChach