Want Glowing Skin?

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Ah-Shi Skin Care Product is amazing however to help live a healthy balance you have to take charge of what you feed your body. It took awhile for me to realize what I was doing to my body, I was doing more harm than trying to help my skin and body. After sitting back and looking at what I was doing I had to make a choice. I had to train my body to not want all the bad snacks and food......I am not saying ban it for life. But to add them in lightly. So my struggle was Coke Cola, Coffee and not getting enough rest. So once I figure I need to make a change I started to see little progress. So with my Ah-Shi Product, changing my intake, and getting rest I was on the right track.

Life I learned in 27 years, we get what we put into it. That being said, I ingest bottles and bottles of Coke Cola, Cups and Cups of Coffee and lastly not resting. I was putting my poor body through it and it is very unhealthy. So I want to be upfront and real with you all and show my wrongs and let you know you can make a change. It all starts from with you. 

Now to the fun stuff! Here is a list of snacks that I keep in my kitchen, office fridge and horse trailer when we hit the road. I am still working on drinking more water...….I eat my water. Again baby steps.

Apples contains 84% of Water

Oranges contains 87% of Water

Strawberries contains 90% of Water

Iceberg Lettuce contains 90% of Water

Spinach contains 96% of Water

Watermelon contains 92% of Water 

Tomato contains 93% of Water

Celery contains 95% of Water

Grapefruit contains 91% of Water

Cucumbers contains 96% of Water

Adding this to your snack list can help you get GLOWING SKIN! You will not see changes overnight but in time you will see your skin glow. For me, it took 3 months eating healthy and 3 months of using Ah-Shi products. Everything takes times. Everyone's skin is different, some may see results quicker than others. In my case it took months, but I am working on it. 

Being strong, confident, driven, independent and knowing that she is comfortable in her own skin is what makes a woman ‘confidently beautiful.
— Ah-Shi Science


Mrs. LaChach