Native Boss Babe

native boss babe.png

As I sit here in my office, brainstorming about my next business move and mapping out my next color pallet for my new clothing line. I hold my Navajo Tea up close and close my eyes. I vision myself back home in Besh-Be-toh, AZ right now the reservation is getting lots of rain so I can only imagine the smell of the wet dirt and sage brush surrounding my home. I vision my little sisters, my parents, my husband enjoying riding in the open valley, my family and I remember why I am doing what I am doing. I am doing this for my future family (I do not have kids yet), my family, and my people on the Dine Reservation. 

I vision my business to be big enough to hire my people on the reservation and off. To help the next generation of young business women/men and help them pave their way. I hope to be one of their stepping stones to help them achieve their dreams and goals. My business represents not just myself but my culture and my people. My lifestyle I believe is unique that I want to share it with the world. I am traditional, western/ranch, and a whole lot of luxury. From the moccasins on my feet, to the turquoise I wear everyday, and my hair bun that ties my whole outfit together. This is Me. Ah-Shi! 

To be a Native Boss Babe outside the four scared mountains is tough but it is possible. It requires a lot of work and faith. There will be walls that seem to never fall and let you by. So you will have to think creatively and find away to knock it down or just find another way around it. You will face fear that will make you sit back and intimidate you. But do not let that stop you, you can do two things: Face it and power through it, or get help to overcome it.

If you can vision it than you can achieve it. Believe with all your heart. Never let anyone tell you  that you cannot do it. Protect your vision. Remember your four clans make you who you are! Our ancestors fought to hard for us to settle with okay. Let's strive for the stars, and never settle with okay but the best.  

Continue to live in harmony with Mother Earth, one another and with ourselves. Nothing is impossible! Each and everyone of us holds our destiny in our hands. Now go get it. This what makes me a Native Boss Babe. My culture, my faith, and my passion to achieve my dreams and goals. 


Mrs. LaChach