Ah-Shi Skin Care Routine

Beauty Routine.png

Today I would like to share my Skin Care Routine and Habits! With my busy lifestyle racing from the house, barn, office and soon to get back on the road to Rodeos. My routine is simple and quick. 


Ah-Shi Product: Wash - Tone - Protect

Wash - Chamomile facial wash

Tone - Botanical Firming Toner

Protect - Jojoba Day Moisturizer


Ah-Shi Product: Makeup Remover - Exfoliate/Cleanse - Firm - Anti Aging

Makeup Remover - Oil Free Makeup Remover

Exfoliate/Cleanse - I alternate between the two product. 

Exfoliating Facial Polish

Cleanse - Botanical Cleansing Lotion

Firm - Face & Eye Serum

Anti- Aging - Collagen and Oatmeal Moisturizer



Ah-Shi Product: Mask

Mask - Mineral Mud Mask


Professional Facial



Drink Plenty of Water

Lower your Soda Intake

Take your Vitamins

Snack Healthy

Stay Active - Exercise

Get Plenty of REST



Happiness is a Habit.....So is your Skin Care!
— Mrs. LaChach