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About Ah-Shi Beauty

Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere

Ah-Shi Beauty! This is My Beauty!

I built Ah-Shi Beauty for many reasons 1: I am tired of waiting for a major Beauty Brand to recognize our Indigenous Beauty. 2: Ah-Shi Beauty will create opportunities for my people. Growing up on the Navajo Reservation there is not enough jobs. So how can I help my people, Create Jobs! So my people can feed and provide for their families. 3: Ah-Shi Beauty is a full skin care and cosmetic company representing our people respectfully and correctly in the Beauty Industry. Everyday I am working hard to build this Beauty Empire. With the Holy People guidance and protection the world will respect and recognize Ah-Shi Beauty!

- Ahsaki Baa LaFrance-Chachere, CEO/Founder Ah-Shi Beauty

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Message From Mrs. LaChach

Ah-Shi Beauty Cuties!

Our New Summer Liquid Velvet Lipstick Collection is now available online. Purchase one shade or the whole collection.


Mrs. LaChach


Liquid velvet lipstick


Velvet Creamy Liquid Lipstick

Lightweight and long wear

Highly Pigmented

Dries to Matte

Will not feather

I want to know what you like about Ah-Shi Beauty! Please and Thank you xoxo Mrs.LaChach Native Boss Babe
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